A Wax-O-Holics 'What's Up?' for 2014 January 07 2014, 2 Comments

by DeadWeatherDenver

2014 is shaping up to bring many exciting things from the Wax-O-Holics front. From merch, to vinyl storage and display solutions, to... what's that? VINYL you say? what????? yup. fundraising in progress y'all! signed artists ready to go!

Until then, our 'Party Foul' regular edition GITD slipmats (limited to 30) will start shipping this week. This was a fun project for us (OK, mainly Boat & JM) to work on and we look forward to bringing more killer designs to our webstore. A few of Painted Vessel's 'Rough Idea' sketches are also still available. Limited to 20, signed and numbered, and printed on fancy-ass card stock by none other than Nicholas 'Boat' Lynch himself, I'd get one while you can. I mean, have you seen Boat's work? (ie slipmat)

Juice will soon have a few variant Mighty Squatch Boxes up for grabs. Hand-crafted by the man (or Squatch) himself, available with or without a Squatch Notch (ya know, for when you're posting in What's Spinning!) these Limited Edition Squatch Boxes will be custom painted by a local Seattle graffiti artist.

Personally, I am still hard at work prepping The Original Display & Play for market. I've had a few set backs but this idea is just too good to not be a real thing! ('I just want these things to exist'). So once again, please stay tuned!

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Thanks again for all of your support!