Lime Cordiale Wraps up Their SXSW Debut, Prepares for California Tour March 16 2014, 0 Comments

by DeadWeatherDenver

Lime Cordial-  a mixture of concentrated lime and sugar, sometimes used as a mixer for a cocktail.


Lime Cordiale- a Sydney-based pop band fronted by beautiful brothers Oli & Louis Leimbach.

Photo Courtesy of Big Picture Media

Boasting a strong fan-following Down Under, the boys have recently debuted in the U.S. market with their sophomore EP "Falling Up the Stairs" (produced by Daniel Denholm, Midnight Oil). Featuring hits 'Bullshit Aside' and 'Sleeping at Your Door', Lime Cordiale prove to be extremely POP & FUN. With their catchy riffs & clever lyrics, Lime Cordiale provides a welcome & much needed change from the majority of pop at the fore-front of today's music scene. 

They initially brought to mind a No Doubt/ Madness kind of ska/ reggae vibe mixed in with some early Sting/Police. That said, these boys have a truly distinct sound all of their own- I promise you won't be able to keep yourself from grooving. And would I lie to you?

I recently had a chance to catch up with this hard-working band after their Big Picture Media Showcase at the Thirsty Nickel in Austin, TX for SXSW 2014. Here's what they had to say...

 (click photo above to link to video interview)