Update From the Road- Lime Cordiale August 04 2014, 0 Comments

by DeadWeatherDenver

Some of you may remember my SXSW interview with the phenomenal Aussie band Lime Cordiale back in March. Since then I've been fairly 'play-obsessed' with their latest EP, Falling Up the Stairs.

I recently had the opportunity to touch base with Oli post their U.S. Summer tour and here's what this talented gent had to say.

Hey guys! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer a few follow up questions…. The last time we met up at SXSW in Austin, TX you had just completed your second ever overseas show. Since then, you’ve had numerous performances over a good bit of America - what have been some of the more memorable moments for you?

Yeah it's crazy to think that we've played about 50 USA shows now. We visited so many beautiful cities like Austin, Portland and Seattle... even if it was just for one night sometimes. My brother and I play with different musicians for every tour. We're starting to learn that you can't find a trombone player that's got everything properly going on upstairs. We've had two different L.A based trombone players for these last two USA tours and they both smoke far too much pot, pass out in the back of the car and if you do let them drive, they drive like absolute psychopaths - "You guys totally, literally just need to get used to this... this is L.A driving for you".

Favorite venue thus far? Best show so far as audience?

I think we were all kind of overwhelmed when we played at The Crocodile in Seattle. Some of the greatest legends have played there like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Cheap Trick and Yoko Ono. You sit backstage and imagine Kurt Cobain sitting on the same seat, drinking far too much and puking on someone else's lap. Or you sit on the toilet seat and marvel at the fact that Kurt's butt and your butt are kinda touching in a way. The audience in Seattle were energetic and enthusiastic. We ended up staying up all night with people from the show and ended up at a rooftop party overlooking the city... Beeaauutiful.

You’ve kept us updated of your travels with some very, shall we say, entertaining Instagram photos- would it be fair to say that Louis is the ham of the group? Will he be pursuing an alternate career as a churro vendor?

It's just easy to catch some good photos with Louis if you're ready and waiting. He does some stupid shit and if you're there with a camera, you can bottle it up forever. The photo of his mangina was just something he did when he was bored at a photoshoot. We didn't plan for him to pull down his pants, it's just something he does when there's nothing else to do. I must say, I've got a wealth of great photos that he won't let me put up. Probably for the best.

How have you found summer time in the States compares to Australia?

When it gets too hot, I just need to swim. That can be difficult in some places. Being hot and sweaty in Hollywood isn't the greatest feeling but if you're by the beach...yum yum. We were pretty good at searching out a few swimming holes on the road. Maybe a few of them were sewerage outlets, I dunno. A lot of Americans seem to find their relief with super-sized 7/11 slushies but that just puts you on the road to fatness, doesn't it?

You guys spent some time in the studio prior to your summer tour. Any releases coming up in near future? Have you had a chance to work on any new music while on the road?

Yes, new releases coming very soon. We only had 6 weeks back home in between tours and didn't get to finish what we were doing. I'm literally just about to email our producer and ask him when the hell we're coming to see him. We're working on a bunch of potential singles with this mastermind, Jean-Paul Fung. We also recorded a bit of stuff in L.A and I'm also working on some stuff at home. We've been touring, touring, touring and now I want to release, release, release.

Speaking of songwriting, how do you generally work up songs? Do you each come to the table with your own material or does it kind of evolve between the two of you?

We don't really have a set way of writing. I know some bands manage to find some sort of formula but for us it's different every time. It's rare for us to write everything together. We tend to come up with ideas by ourselves and then bring them together. I like the songs to be pretty rough when we start to collaborate or else the song can turn out a little too "Louis" or a little too "Oli". A healthy mix of the two is what really creates our sound. Being able to listen to each others suggestions is sometimes hard but definitely necessary.

What does the rest of this year have in store for Lime Cordiale? Will you be back to America to show the East Coast some love?

We'll either come back to the U.S.A (with a trip to the east) at the end of 2014 or the start of 2015. We're making a trip to play some shows in New Caledonia, which is an island in the pacific (oh, yeah!) and we'll also give our fellow Aussies some tour love. We need to have a little studio time here but after that, we'll make a plan to come sleep on your couches again.

If you've not yet had a chance to check out these clever boys from 'down under' get to it! Their upbeat tunes (including horns!!!!) and honest lyrics make for some great summer road-tripping music. Be sure to check out 'Sleeping at Your Door', 'Bullshit Aside' and 'Famous'.