Exciting New Album News! Week of January 26, 2015 January 28 2015, 0 Comments

by DeadWeatherDenver

This past weekend got wind of a new BP Fallon live in Texas LP due out February 17th and available for pre-order now.

BP Fallon 'Live in Texas' Front Cover, courtesy of

Featuring Aaron Lee Tasjan (whose new album 'In the Blazes' is due out any time now) on acoustic guitar and backing vocals, Danny B Harvey and Joe King Carrasco on electric guitar and backing vocals, it's pretty much guaranteed to be amazing. Recorded live at ABGB in Austin, TX, the session spans the gamut of Bandits tunes new and old and a sizzling rendition of a band-favorite 'Van and Gloria'.  Of the upcoming release BP Fallon says, “I didn’t know it was being recorded. That’s maybe why it has such a great vibe”. By Vibrosonic Records in association with San Antonio label Saustex Records 'BP Fallon Live in Texas' is limited to 700 CD, will also be available on iTunes.

Monday I quite happily came across the update that the New England/ UK-based band we all love so much- Low Cut Connie- has a new album coming out April 21st!

Low Cut Connie 'Hi Honey' Front Cover, courtesy of

Also available for pre-order now, 'Hi Honey'- the much anticipated follow up to their sophomore LP 'Call Me Sylvia'- holds all the promise of what you've come to love from these boys- FUN FUN FUN. Sure to put a 'pep in your step', the grooves Adam Weiner and Dan Finnemore (backed by super solid band James Everhart and Will Donnelly) are laying down will have you out of your seat and bebopping along in no time. Super excited for this one! Released by Contender Records, there are 100 limited edition vinyl so get one while you can. Bundles, regular black vinyl and CD also available.

And just today got word of new Pokey LaFarge!

Pokey LaFarge 'Something in the Water' Front Cover, courtesy of

'Something in the Water' is slated to debut April 7th via Rounder Records. The 12-track LP is produced by Jimmy Sutton and will be the band's first from their new label. Considered a primarily 'roots music' record label, Rounder maintains an extensive recorded history of over 3,000 influential roots artists- in other words, a perfect fit for the Pokey LaFarge sound! Also available for pre-order now. If you aren't familiar with Pokey and his multi-faceted band, I highly encourage you to acquaint yourself.